The Bumping Method: How Burglars Use It

The bumping method is used by both burglars and locksmiths to open locks. It may be used by professional locksmiths to open your door in case you broke or lost your key, but the burglars use it to break in. This is one of the most common methods of opening mechanic locks, and even Youtube has tutorials on how to do it.  

Almost all locks work in the same way. The cylinders have pins (protuberances) cut in two along the length of the keyhole. When we put the key in the lock, the dents of the key lift the pins to the necessary height. That happens if you use the right key for that lock. But thieves do not usually have the right key. So, they devise other ways to open locks such as the bumping method.

How the Bumping Methods Works

The bumping method is a minimally invasive system to access a house. It can be defined as an opening of cylinders by percussion. Only a properly manipulated key is necessary, and a tool with which to tap that key. The blows cause the pins to move simultaneously and push the pins against each other. This happens only for a moment until the springs push them back against the pitons. At that moment, the security of the lock is released, the key can be turned, and the door opened. It is a simple and fast operation that does not require more than thirty seconds, and that also does not visibly damage the lock. This is an additional problem for determining the damage caused by the thieves in case the insurance companies investigate the event. They may not notice the problem and not include the costs in the insurance payment. The cost is lower then commercial door repair cost, as a rule.

There are currently anti-bumping locks on the market that will help you feel more secure in your own home. These are the characteristics of the safest models:

  1. They carry a more complex system of pitons to be immune to bumping. The more pitons you have, the harder it is for the intruder to unlock the lock. The organization of pins also helps protect the lock.
  2. Some of the anti-bumping locks have pins that are set radially. It will be almost impossible to use a pick on such a kind of lock.
  3. It can also have an anti-drilling lentil. It is a steel lentil located in the front to prevent the thief from drilling the cylinder.
  4. It should not protrude from the door since in that way the intruders can cut it with a shear. This will make it easier to access the security system.

Of course, a lock is effective when used well. Always close the door of your house with all the turns that the lock allows you. This way you will be safer from the bumping method.